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Well, Jeff Gribbin posted the following to LINUX-390@VM.MARIST.EDU:


I don’t have a Linux system of my own, but I follow digests of this list which are sent to me by one of my colleagues. Some months ago somebody expressed the wish for a simple exposition of mainframe architecture. (I cannot locate the mail now to give the exact citation - sorry.)

In 1989 I wrote a paper for SHARE entitled “Development of 360/370 Architecture - A Plain Man’s View”. With the help of a number of friends I have now successfully converted this to MsWord format, and Melinda Varian has kindly found room for it on her website. It’s available at:

It is still in its 1989 form (I don’t possess the detailed knowledge of developments in the past ten years to bring it up-to-date), and it is heavily biased towards the VM viewpoint, but might hopefully still be able to present a flavour of the fundamentals of mainframe architecture to those who’re new to this area.

I hope that some of you find it useful.


Jeff Gribbin, EDS UK Mainframe Software Services

  The referenced copy is in MS-WORD format here and here as HTMLwhich is a straight word-html wizard conversion

IBM porting LINUX to S390

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00.227 Traditional MVS still Rules!

If you are involved with USS on OS/390 then you should grab LINUX and learn about standard UNIX. It is cheap (FREE) and really robust! I bet that if you are using Windoze you might switch your personal machine!! I have! I have been running Slackware for about 5yrs and now use it for my primary home machine. Currently I have dual boot with OS/2 boot manager, and can boot Win98, WinNT 4.0, OS/2 Warp 4, Slackware Linux 4.0 (Linux 2.2 kernel), Slackware 3.6 (2.0 Kernel) and PC-DOS 7.0. The hardware is a Cyrix PR150+ w/130m ram and 1 6g IDE HD, 1 2g IDE HD.
But you can run Linux on a 386 w/ 4m ram (No X-Windows!!!) installed in a DOS Partition!!! Check out Slackware's ZipSlack for more information. Hercules Linux based S390 emulator!!! Try it out!!!

Books I am reading or looking for.
Title: Author Comments
NOTE: Reviews and links to come
MVS Assembler Language: Kevin McQuillen, Anne Prince My 2nd assembler book
Mainframe Assembler Programming: William Qualls learn on a PC PC/370 included
MVS Performance Management: Stephen Samson too deep for me
MVS: Concepts and Facilities: Bob Johnson recommended in preface by Stephen Samson
Advanced Assembler Language and MVS Interfaces: Carmine Cannatello reported to be a five star book
Debugging System 360/370 Programs Using OS and VS Storage Dumps Never seen 360, but might be relevent?
MVS System Programming by Elder-Vass A little Dated but excellent
Java Servlets by Karl Moss Working with WebSphere AppServer

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